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My name is Charles and I hold a degree in computer science. I’m not married yet but hoping to do so in the future. Actually, I’m married to my car.

My love for cars began in several years ago after I bought my first car. Prior to that I’d had driving experience for 3 years. After buying my first car, an Audi, I realized what a world of difference it made if you pimped your car, versus not doing so.

I started researching and learning about the different add-ons and upgrades I could add to my car, and the knowledge I acquired during those grueling hours of research and implementation is what I share with you here.

I’m not new to car products and accessories, so I hope you’ll get some value from my experience.

I review only the best products available for cars. I have experience with some of them, so I’m able to recommend them. I did extensive research on the rest to determine whether they are worth the money or not.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.