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5 Best Car Floor Mats to Buy Today

Your car’s floorboard is more likely to get damaged than any other part of your car due to the huge amount of hazards it is exposed to. Just think of what your floorboard goes through every day. It gladly welcomes all the dirt from your boots and shoes, beverages like coffee can leave bad stains on it if they spill, and hard items cause scratches on its surface, e.g. little rocks.

Therefore, car floor mats are very useful for protecting your car’s floorboard. They protect your car’s floor from all types of dirt, grease, and stains, so you’ll never have to worry about stains that cannot be scrubbed out by a vacuum cleaner.

This in turn increases the resale value of your car in that they protect your car’s floor so it looks newer and well maintained when you need to sell it. They also brighten your cabin and give it a premium look.

Lastly, car floor mats are great add-ons for your car, because they come in a wide variety of colours, sizes, and shapes. You can even get a custom one made if you want. This is a great way to give your car some personality, that car you love so much. Keep driving it.

Top 5 Car Floor Mats on the Market

1. Armor All 78847 Grey Rubber Interior Floor Mat

Armor All 78847 Car Floor Mat

This floor mat has 5 buying options: 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece all season, 4 piece flexible, and 4 piece heavy duty. The 4 piece options give you two large front mats and two smaller rear mats.

It is also available in 3 colors: black, tan, and grey. It is designed to protect your vehicle’s floor from any form of damage in any climate. This is possible because it is made of heavy duty rubber, a material that cannot be penetrated by any damaging agent.

It has a raised heel pad area that is able to withstand wear and tear every season of the year. Also, it’s marked with universal cut lines that you can follow to trim it to your required size, and once it’s installed, this floor mat stays in place thanks to Armor’s Carpet Claw patent pending technology. With this floor mat, your car’s floor is protected from rain, snow, and mud.


  • Cheap mats with high quality rubber
  • Easy to remove and install
  • Non-slip surface
  • Rubber smell isn’t bad


  • May not be wide enough for some larger vehicles
  • They can shift slightly sometimes

2. AmazonBasics 4 Piece Heavy Duty Car Floor Mat

AmazonBasics Floor Mat, Beige

The AmazonBasics car floor mat comes in 3 colors: beige, black, and gray. I really love the beige color. It’s the one in the image on the right. Absolutely amazing, although it costs about $1 more than the other colors. This one doesn’t have any alternative buying options. The default is 4 pieces – a set of heavy duty front and back floor mats made of thick and flexible rubber.

This floor mat bends easily despite its thickness, and it is designed with ridges and deep grooves that trap all the debris, dirt, mud, and snow you could ever step into your car with. This ensures that they stay on the mat until you clean it, which means they won’t spread around.

This floor mat won’t move around during use thanks to its non-skid design. It can also be trimmed to fit your car, and when it’s time for cleaning, you can do that easily with just water. Yes, just water, sprayed with a garden hose. If it isn’t too dirty, you won’t even need water. Just shake out the dirt. This is another great option to protect your cars, SUVs, and trucks from accidental spills and damaging outdoor elements


  • Smell goes away quickly and isn’t overpowering
  • It isn’t slippery
  • It’s comfortable on bare feet
  • Dirt doesn’t stick on it, so easy to clean


  • The gray option isn’t very dark and may get stained
  • Mixed opinions about how long the rubber smell lasts

3. FH Group F16402TAN Cargo Mat

FH Group F16402TAN Cargo Mat

If you like a wide array of choices but are not interested in getting a custom made car floor mat, this is the one you should be looking at. It is available in black, tan, and gray colors and also has smooth carpet designs if you prefer them to the rough mat designs. It has trim lines to cut it according to your car’s floor size as most floor mats do. It’s also specially designed to prevent spilled fluids from leaking to your car carpets. Its tall outer ridges make sure this never happens.

This car floor mat is manufactured with high grade rubber. It has a heavy nip bed backing to prevent it from leaving its position or shifting during use. Stain and water resistance are also among its features, weighing just 6.9 pounds.

It has three buying options: front and back floor mats, front and back floor carpets, and trunk mats. All of these provide premium protection for your car’s entire floor against spills and messy cargo. To clean it, you can either vacuum or wash it in soapy water and leave out to air dry.


  • Great mats for the price
  • Mats don’t slide
  • Easy to trim with a standard pair of scissors
  • Great alternative to OEM mats


  • Fairly strong rubber smell but this fades away
  • Might be considered a bit too thin, but that makes it easier to cut

4. BDK MT785GRAMw1 Heavy Duty Rubber Cargo Floor Mat

BDK MT785GRAMw1 Floor Mat

The BDK MT785GRAMw1 floor mat has only car trunk buying options. It comes in 3 colors: black, gray, and beige, and the gray option costs more than the other colors. Its rubber polymer material is designed to protect the floor of your car’s trunk in all weather conditions from snow, rain, dust, and mud. It can also be trimmed to fit your trunk. It looks durable, and car owners who have tried out attest to that too. Perhaps it’s because it’s extra thick.

It has an anti-slip backing that keeps it in place, and it’s easy to clean and wash. BDK is also offering a 1 year warranty to buyers of this premium quality floor mat. It weighs 9.45 pounds, and it doesn’t fold.

This floor mat is good at trapping dirt. Its unique diagonal and linear ridges enhance its dirt trapping capabilities. It is also good at resisting wear and tear, no wonder BDK has a 1 year warranty on it. BDK makes some bold claims regarding this mat, and I’m sure it lives up to its promises.

Using this mat means your car’s trunk is protected from damage caused by heavy tools, sport equipment, and gardening supplies.


  • Non-skid backing keeps mat in place on any carpet or fabric surface
  • Rubber material is flexible, yet durable
  • Easy to trim with a normal pair of scissors
  • Can extend to the floor of your back seats and offer more protection due to its size
  • Very little rubber smell


  • A minor percentage of car owners who bought this mat think it’s not thick enough
  • A minor percentage of car owners who bought this mat think its rubber smell is too strong

5. Motor Trend MT-921-BK FlexTough Tortoise Rubber Floor Mat

Motor Trend MT-921-BK Floor Mat

This is the best selling floor mat on Amazon for cars, SUVs, and trucks, and for good reason. It comes in tan beige, gray, and black colors. This floor mat is simply built to last. It is tough for all weather conditions and flexible for floor contours. It offers deep dish protection with its inverted shell design. This design keeps mud, snow, debris, and liquids trapped until you’re ready to remove them. The cleaning process is easy and quick. Just rinse all the dirt off.

The best feature of the Motor Trend MT-921-BK floor mat is its FlexTough material. This material can be found in new rubber mats. Compared to others, FlexTough is way more durable. It doesn’t crack in extreme cold, nor does it melt in extreme heat. It’s also very flexible.

Another great feature is the absence of odor. This car floor mat is actually 100% odor free. If you’re afraid of buying a floor mat due to the potential odor, you can buy this one with complete confidence in your choice because it is 100% odor free.


  • 100% odor free
  • FlexTough material provides exceptional durability and protection
  • Flexible for floor contours (edges and corners)
  • Nabbed rubber backing ensures it doesn’t slip or move
  • Easy to trim, easy to clean


  • It may appear too thin to a minority of users, and that could be you, but it’s actually thick enough
  • In rare cases, and depending on your vehicle, you have to cut beyond the trimmable areas.

Time to Shop

Now that you know what floor mats will give your car’s floorboard the best protection, why not go to Amazon and get one? Feel free to look at other options as well. Most of the floor mats recommended above cost less than $30, but there are more expensive options on Amazon.