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Top 5 Car Seat Covers on the Market

Car seat covers don’t just protect your car from spilled drinks and smudged food, they also protect your car’s seats from regular wear and tear. It’s the best option you have to protect your vehicle’s seats from as much grime and dirt as possible.

They also beautify your car’s interior by adding an elegant touch to it. You can choose the style you want to get the look you desire. Car seat covers improve the resale value of your car. They shield your car’s seats from ultraviolet rays from the sun which cause the inbuilt seats to fade.

And if your car’s seats are already stained or damaged, seat covers are a nice, cheap, and easy way to mask existing damage and make your seats look new again. You can either get a custom made seat cover or purchase one of the universal ones recommended below.

Top 5 Seat Covers For Your Vehicle

1. FH Group FB050MINT102 Mint Color Universal Fit Bucket Seat Cover

FH Group FB050MINT102 Seat Cover

This universal semi-custom car seat cover from the popular FH Group brand is available in 13 different colors. It would be difficult to not find one that would suit your car’s interior. These colors include black, mint, green, orange, yellow, among others.

There are 2 front bucket covers, 2 front headrest covers, and a small bag with 4 clips in the package, both designed to fit most cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. It’s made of durable, stretchy, breathable, and high quality fabric that can withstand wear and tear. This material is also easy to clean. It can be cleaned in a washing machine and left out to air dry. Breathable fabrics have the ability to disperse heat and keep your seat cool.

That’s not all. You won’t experience any difficulty installing, removing, and reattaching this seat cover thanks to its adjustable straps and concealed velcro opening.


  • Comes with clear written English instructions
  • Seat cover colors are bright and vibrant
  • Easy and fast installation in minutes


  • Fabric is a little thin
  • Material is of course cheap, but high quality within this price range

2. Copap Universal Stripe Colorful 4pc Front Seat Covers

Copap Universal 4pc Seat Cover

This Copap seat cover is a great way to decorate old car seats or protect new ones. It’s made of saddle back material, which the manufacturers describe as premium, breathable, and comfortable. It also has a 3mm foam padding. This seat cover is compatible with most car, truck, and SUV headrests and seats.

As you can see in the picture to the right, it has a colorful Baja flavor design. I love this particular design, and you probably will. If not, you can choose from the other two styles available. There are three styles in the buying options: Style A, B, and C. The package includes 2 safety seat belt pad protectors and 2 front seat covers.

This seat cover has a smooth surface finish, so it won’t be rough on your legs. Buyers receive a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer, Copap.


  • Made of high quality fabric
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Hooks are a bit difficult to use

3. FH Group FB033MINT102 Modernistic Mint Bucket Seat Cover

FH Group FB033MINT102 Seat Cover

This air bag compatible front car seat cover is semi-customized, so it is compatible with most vehicles. You can use it with even if you have heated seats. It won’t interfere with your heated seats. It has a 3mm foam padding and is made of polyester fabric, which is both washable and breathable. To clean it, you just need to put it in your washing machine and air dry.

Installation is easy. The adjustable straps and concealed velcro opening contribute immensely to the ease of installation. As mentioned earlier, it’s air bag compatible, thanks to the special stitching on the sides. It has also been officially tested for air bag deployment support. There are 11 color variants to choose from, so you are certain to find a matching color for your vehicle’s interior.

FH Group’s sleek seat covers have eye popping colors to make your vehicle stand out. If you have an old car, installing these seat covers will make it look modern again thanks to their modernistic design. They are designed for comfort too, not just aesthetics. The foam padding helps to disperse heat even in hot temperatures, keeping your car seats cool and comfortable.


  • Non-slip backing
  • Great value for the price
  • Air bag compatible
  • Semi-customized
  • Instruction videos available for buyers are easy to follow


  • Requires detachable headrests
  • There’s some movement when getting in and out of the car

4. Big Ant Leatherette Full Set Waterproof Car Seat Covers

Big Ant Leatherette Seat Covers

This is a full set of seat covers and it’s one of the higher quality ones, hence its higher cost. When you purchase this, you get the following in the package: 5 headrest covers, 2 front low back bucket covers, 1 rear bottom bench cover, and 1 rear back rest cover. This set requires that your headrests are removable. If they are not, then you’ll have to buy a different set of seat covers.

Big Ant’s seat cover is made of premium quality polyester fabric and leatherette material. This material is breathable and waterproof. 3mm foam padding is also in the covers. Each cover has a luxury seat cover design with a zipper opening that aids easy installation. You can also store things in the opening pocket or storage pouch at the back of the front seat covers, which are also compatible with side air bags.

The back rest and bottom bench covers come separately, with three zippers. You can fold down your armrest or cup holder when unzipping the backrest cover. This set of seat covers from Big Ant protect car, SUV, and truck seats from wear and tear. Three color variants are available: black, tan, and beige.


  • Comes with fasteners that keep it in place
  • Made of breathable scratch-resistant material
  • Seat covers look really attractive and fitting


  • Initial smell but this goes away after a few hours

5. Copap Multi-Color Baja Saddle Blanket 10pc Car Seat Cover

Copap Multi-Color 10pc Seat Cover

This set of Copap seat covers comes in a colorful stripe design – the classic Baja flavor design. There are 5 styles to choose from, all labeled with alphabets. The one in the image to your right is Style G. The package includes front and rear seat covers, seat belt protectors, and a steering wheel cover measuring 15 inches.

This set of covers is produced with a breathable, premium saddle blanket material. Its foam padding is higher – 5mm, as opposed to the 3mm padding of other covers featured on this page. Its easy to clean, and its packaged hooks make for an easy installation process.

This seat cover is a great choice, not just to decorate your car, van, or SUV, but to make your seats more comfortable, particularly in extreme temperatures. Copap also offers a warranty to buyers of this product.


  • Made of nice and thick colorful fabric
  • A bag of clips is included in the package for the straps
  • Seat covers, steering wheel covers, and belt protectors, all in one package


  • No seat belt buckle openings in rear cover
  • Out of the box tire smell

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